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The Hard Work of Developing the Soft Side of Teams: Teambuilding, Team Chemistry and Trust in Teams

The conference will showcase best practices from a teambuilding company SmoothTeam, which has helped build trust in more than a thousand teams. 

  • What are the elements of team chemistry? 
  • What steps does a team take while getting to know each other and building the trust between members? 
  • Five concrete practices that help teams take their steps towards a trusting and coherent team.

The session is interactive and during the session participants get to reflect and share their own experiences. No prior knowledge or preparation is required.


Aleksis Nokso-Koivisto

A lawyer by training and now a long-time teambuilding specialist. Aleksis has founded successful media companies and now runs SmoothTeam, a leading gamified teambuilding company. He has trained hundreds of corporate teams, board members as well as professional level top sports teams and national teams in developing trust and team chemistry to achieve great results.





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Date: 9 June 2023

Hour: Helsinki Timezone9:00 to 10:00

Language: English

# of PDUs: 1.0